International Patients Family who received Cyberknife Treatment for Brain Cancer 

Dr. Yeung,

I am very much thankful for you sending me pictures of my mom with Dr. Yeung.  I salute to you people and the country whose medical science is so ahead from the rest of the world.  I am thankful of you all for giving a new life (rebirth) for my mom.  I am also glad that she is doing great after her Cyberknife treatment, her health is improving day by day.  I am also following you all on facebook.

God bless.

Thanking you,

Pranav Khakhar


Local Cyberknife Prostate Cancer Patient

"My regular doctors didn't know alot about Cyberknife.  My inspiring wife found Cyberknife and told me about it.  We believe you have to do your homework.  It is your responsibility for your health.  It was obvious to me to go with a treatment for prostate cancer I could complete in five days, versus two months of radiation.

Joel Boyarsky - New York, NY



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